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started a blog if you are interested sign up and read

thanks in advance
:))… my video dedicated to this project.

GACKT's message :
To all my precious friends, family and partners all over the world,

This month on the 31st we will hold an event of 5000 people participating in a simultaneous fund-raiser in cities all over Japan.

We will also try to hold similar events all over the world at the same time.
Each country has different laws and rules regarding any sort of fund-raising activity, and it has come to light that in some places it can take as much as 30 days to get permission to hold any sort of activity.

Despite that I would like to have us try to do something together at the same time.

Would you be willing to try another method in order to do this?

For all the disaster victims in Japan,
we want to get messages from people from countries all over the world.

Please take a video of yourself and your message,
ending it with"SHOW YOUR HEART!!!"

We want you to put the video messages all up on You Tube starting from the 31st.

It will give courage to all who live in the disaster areas.
Our wish is to show it to all those affected by the disaster.

We are waiting for lots of messages from you.

By doing this we can avoid any problems concerning a fund-raiser, and just get the message out to the people here that the world cares about them.

In the video on a piece of paper please write "SHOW YOUR HEART" followed by any sort of message and then your city/country from which you are broadcasting.

If you can not submit using You Tube, please provide the file through a file server and we will upload it for you. Please provide how to access that server in an email to the following address.

Of course it does not have to be a video.
A photograph is just as appreciated.

Please send it to the address below. Like the video application, write"SHOW YOUR HEART" followed with your message and city/country name.

We will put those on our homepage.
We want the victims to see and hear your support.

Let's give them the hope and courage to live on through this disaster.
Please send us your messages!
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Christina Aguilera received a star on the Walk of Fame for his contribution to the record industry!
as the premiere of the film Burlesque. Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher.…
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Not surmountable desire in knowledge of that that new

Or simply it would be desirable to forget that that old
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May the meaning of Christmas
be deeper, its friendships stronger,
and its hopes brighter
as it comes to you
this year.
Merry Christmas
and a Joyous New Year
I will always remember you, your smile, jokes, stories... Your voice and sight... Your smell.... All all all.

I love you very much the grandfather, I promise that I will become the good person that you looked at me from above and was proud of me....

I love you
There is illusive world behind glass layer Where at times lose the meaning of word Where isn't present дыханья, contacts of hands Where the enemy your friend can appear. You live in this world day by day, In electronic soul only hope storing That sometime this world becomes real, Or will simply leave dots farewell. Under charms of words the consciousness revives, Creating dream of destiny in the world behind the looking-glass, And let whisper shivering lips I "like", You run from the deceit Universe, I ask... You have lost for a long time the real life, in vague consciousness the thought Only pulses to Make so that flesh have found all words That bodies have each other concerned enamoured. But again your fingers concern keys, Type I "like" also you don't understand That your love - shade of the unreal world That, didn't think that, to itself has created idol. Under charms of words the consciousness revives, Creating dream of destiny in the world behind the looking-glass, And let write shivering fingers I "like", Virtuality will destroy all your tenderness.
You switch off the computer - to breathe more difficultly. Morning almost and for a long time it is necessary to sleep, But you are ready again in this world to break, With virtuality not to leave any more. But the reality will catch up, you know one That you should breathe and already for this purpose That in thought up world to remain, there to live, And for life, for this love, it is necessary to pay. Under charms of words the consciousness fades, You dream of destiny in the world behind the looking-glass, And let thoughts are weaved into word I "like", You already understand the error. Minutes depart, are weaved in days, You do is more senior and they are more senior, In loneliness you while away the century And somewhere expensive person has left. It in reality with someone, but you again wait, Though know that feelings - naive lie, But after all you are far from it to check up, Remains to you only in this deceit to believe. The consciousness dies of bitterness of words, And know, not last you the world behind the looking-glass slave. Yes, painfully, but remember that you not one Who has fallen into web traps of artful network...
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Whatever person you have left, there will always come the moments when you will not have not enough it. Its firm word, its smile, its timbre of a voice, a manner to smoke, figures, a way of life or its thoughts. How said your name what drank coffee, as well as than, treated you and that said thus, his eye. Not very well, you loved it or saw it once in a life. Sometime your subconsciousness will recollect that in your life there was it, and it has been connected with any certain person, and you will recollect that once with it have been connected by something, and will understand that would be quite good, if the same right now would repeat, as then.
Any person does not pass through your life, without having left a trace. Even on what you only has detained the sight in the underground....
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We too severe generation, even is terrible sometimes.
We the destinies and citations have already copied classics.
Our principles are far from morals, but for us they all the same are unshakable.
We easily waste words, money and own lives.
We by heart know names of all fashionable designers, but we can not sometimes recollect names of half of acquaintances.
We never will pass the most noisy party in a city, but with ease we can forget about a bottom a birth of the friend.
We live in a mad rhythm and we love speed, but we dream that time would stop.
We sit on diets and we sunbathe in sun decks, we drink much and we smoke even more, we do not sleep some days and we forget about contraception, but we do not eat sugar, because it harmful.
We have to the full hammered in the telephone directories various numbers, but we do not use also half from them.
We love beautiful things and carefully we study new collections, but most cosy we feel in house slippers.
We dream to earn one million and to buy the half-world
We read much and we travel, we study foreign languages and we receive diplomas of the most prestigious universities, but we can not often pick up proper words.
We with ease overcome difficulties, we courageously transfer treachery and we suffer insults, we laugh in the person to troubles and we go with is proud of the lifted head, but the dress choice for the evening often leads up us to a hysterics.
We know Archimedes laws and the theorem of Pifagores, but at us in a head does not keep within, why «he …» and has not called back.
We strange, ridiculous, at times severe … but it we
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